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THE GROUP: The Feed-Back
THE GROUP: The Feed-Back
Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza released this electronic beat-driven proto-krautrock-style album under an assumed name in 1970, when they were all in their ‘40s - and it really is a fascinating piece of work as well as being a kind of generic Rosetta stone. Hugely sought-after and unobtainable for decades, it acquired the status of cult legend. Now, released - with improved sound -on CD it’ll either vanish fast or no one will bother because only its unavailability made it desirable, and fans downloaded it long ago. We’ll see. Anyway, there are only 500 of them. I’d take it while it’s there. Built on a base of continuo rock-jazz tinged drum patterns, lines and sheets of semi-distinguishable acoustic instruments and electronic noise come and go. It’s neither rock nor art nor flesh nor fish but a weird (and highly informative) hybrid. Not merely historic but, for students of such things, absolutely indispensible. I also think it works a treat. But – apologies – it’s not cheap. Since the reissue declines to include the above information, or the names of the participants, here – to the best of my knowledge – they are Contrabass – Walter Branchi, Drums– Renzo Restuccia, Guitar– Bruno Battisti D'Amario, Percussion – Egisto Macchi, Percussion, Piano, Timpani, Vocals – Mario Bertoncini, Piano, Trombone, Violin – John Heineman, Trumpet – Ennio Morricone.

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