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Home » 60's, 70's, 80's landmarks » PYLE, PIP: Bash

Glad to take an opportunity to praise Pip. This is his second solo album, this time live - with a quartet (Keyboards, Guitar, Bass), highlighting that strength good musicians have, which recording can often obscure: immediate response and an interactive instrumental fluency that comes from a mixture of technique and unfeignable sensitivity. Excellent sound, exemplary playing all round and careful mixing make this a very listenable and enjoyable CD. In Hatfield era mode, though with Pip's own accent and a nod to what came after, all done with a light, smart, touch that comes naturally to those who invented this genre - setting it apart from much of what now passes as 'prog', which just tries too hard. This isn't experimental or complex, in fact it's quite bland, but it does what it does well and easily, like the jazz of the fifties and early sixties (that's meant as praise) - and Pip plays brilliantly, and only when he needs to. Chapeau.

Code: Rune193
Price: £14.50