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» ZNR BOX less Traite de Mechanique

ZNR BOX less Traite de Mechanique

Contains both original ZNR releases Barricades III and Traite de Mechanique Populaire, plus two extra CDs - one containing the whole of the post-ZNR LP Les Flots Bleus by Patrick Portella and Joseph Racaille as well as Joseph Racailleís Pegase and his  ReR Six Petites Chansons EP. The second CD collects early ZNR demos and lost tracks togther, appearing here for the first time. With a very substantial and definitive book of memories, histories, reflections, photographs, documents, interviews and other memorabilia from the groupís brief but extraordinary career, alongside contemporary commentaries by Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella.

And last chance for the numbered subscription edition with an additional complete and rather extraordinary live concert recording, recently discovered. £45 [closes June 3rd 2018]

Price: £35.00