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Home » ReR Label » MNEMONIST ORCHESTRA: Gyromancy

Reissue of a classic LP. The pre Biota Mnemonist Orchestra was a dark, meticulous, inspired ensemble and this is a Rolls Royce of a recording. Their method was a slow, painstaking assembly from materials processed to the point of complete unrecogniseability,, though still derived from acoustic sources: piano, cello, electric guitar, double bass, viola, sitar, hapsichord, shawm, bagpipes, clarinet, crumhorn, curtal, cornetto, trombone, voice, metronome, bassdrum, bodhran and side drum, in this case. The original LP was recorded in 1983, as two long pieces (one per side) and explores density, microtonal shifts, klangfarben, time, abstraction, noise, structure, intensity, dynamics - Varese's concept of Organised Sound can properly be applied to such work which is both composed and organic and works with shifting masses and dynamic tension. Constantly mysterious, constantly engaging, eventually hypnotic, this release also collects together two other very rare Mnemonist pieces: Nailed and Tic, which were released only in a limited edition as a 7" single with the now mythical Recommended Xmas Magazine in 1984. The whole CD has been re-mastered by the band to fix frequencies and dynamics previously inaccessible to vinyl, and comes beautifully packaged with the Mnemonists trademark visual art gallery. There is also a limited number of the original folio of prints that came with the original release, which we will number and send out with the first orders received, until they run out. Highly recommended.

Code: ReRMN2
Price: £12.50