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» ZNR: Traite de Mechanique Populaire

ZNR:  Traite de Mechanique Populaire
ZNR: Traite de Mechanique Populaire
The second and last release by this most exquisite and eccentric of groups, who hardly touched the world of working bands, and whose existence was tenuous, flickering, mythological – and yet who managed, stealthily, to find its way in time to legendary status – rather like Duchamp’s fountain - by leaving an indelible trace in recorded form of their verifiable existence. There’s been nothing like them before or since. Though, if Captain Beefheart had been Erik Satie...

Note: This CD is part of the definitive 3 CD ZNRchive BOX, which contains, in addition, the original ZNR release, Barricades III plus an extra CD consisting of the whole of the post-ZNR LP Les Flots Bleus, by Patrick Portella and Joseph Racaille, Joseph Racaille’s Pegase – as well as his 1982? Limited edition EP Six Petites Chansons - plus a substantial and definitive book that collects photographs, documents, interviews and other memorabilia from the group’s brief but extraordinary history, and contemporary commentaries and recollections by Joseph Racaille and Patrick Portella. So that you don’t have to buy Traite twice, this box will be available from us - minus Traite - cheaper but otherwise complete for £20. Or, for £25 you can still get the box in its numbered edition, plus an extra not-for-sale mini CD containing some early unreleased demos and a long track recorded for, but not included on, Traite. And for £30 get this CD now and the rest of the box, in its signed subscription edition, as soon as it’s ready, in the New Year.

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Price: £12.50