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LUSSIER, RENE: Rene Lussier Quintette
After a very long wait, a new CD at last from Rene, now on his own label, and with a new Quintette, Marton Maderspach and Robbie Kuster (drums), Julie Houle (tuba, eurphium) and Luzio Altobelli (accordion) – and Rene on guitar and daxophone. As ever, Rene’s ear for compositional precision and imaginative arrangements produce results the instrumentation won’t prepare you for. And there’s great use made of the paired drummers. Unsurprisingly, Rene is on great form and the daxophone is given some serious work to do as Rene explores a sophisticated musical language that sometimes seems defiant in the face of contemporary excess and indifference. Bu quality is never a mistake. Tuneful, imaginative, intelligent and beautifully recorded.

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Price: £14.50


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