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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » HIGGINS, DICK: The Thousand Symphonies

HIGGINS, DICK: The Thousand Symphonies
In 1967 Fluxartist Higgins arranged for Captain Toby of the South Brinswick police to machine gun a lot of music paper. The shot-up sheets were then used as scores - the holes, tears and indents being interpreted by the players. Some of these pieces were performed in December 1968, Philip Corner directing. But this recording documents a concert given in 2003, again conducted by Corner and performed by a 28 piece ensemble of winds, brass, strings, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, a number of percussionists - including kit drums - glass instruments and voices. It sounds like controlled improvisation (which is what it is), but the different tracks take different generic approaches, so there is variety. The full score, pictures of some pages, and the rules of interpretation, as well as noted by Higgins and Corner are printed in the booklet that accompanies the CD. Limited Edition release.

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Price: £14.50