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Home » Eccentric » GUS COMA: Colour him Coma (dbl CD)

GUS COMA: Colour him Coma (dbl CD)
GUS COMA: Colour him Coma (dbl CD)
Another pseudonymous production from the late, great Its War Boys svengali (famous for L Voag, Just Measurers, Milk from Cheltenham, Amos and Sara &c). CD1 is a reissue of an obscure cassette release from 1983, half of which contains variant mixes of a musically heterogeneous room-sized 24 track loop (not that youd really understand that from listening, so deviously is accomplished) and half a collage of live mixes made from 17 cassette dubs of vinyl locked-groove recordings, and some radio. The free!!! Bonus!!! CD 2 is a recently discovered variant, very different, with additions, extractions and changes and a better overall sound - of CD1. In addition, both feature long bonus tracks collecting work-in-progress that would have formed the basis for the second Milk From Cheltenham LP, which never saw the light of day. People think the 80s were boring because they never stumbled across this highly eccentric - and highly productive - musical mini-community. This two-version release gives an especially useful insight into a precious but hardly noticed pocket of creative eccentricity that was deeply rooted in the social decay of the 80s; a situation neatly summed up at the head of track 21. Their strategy was to aestheticise it. And own it. More power to them. For what its worth, I prefer CD 2.

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Price: £14.50