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» AMIRKHANIAN, CHARLES: Loudspeakers (dbl CD)

AMIRKHANIAN, CHARLES: Loudspeakers (dbl CD)
Amirkhanian has to be one of the most important proselytizers and supporters of classical/contemporary music’s experimental fringes, as well as being a singular proponent, in his own right, of concrete music and text-sound compositions of great focus and consequentiality. On disc one are two impressive long works: Pianola and Im Fruhlung. Pianola is a series of what Kyle Gann calls ‘whimsical essays based on the sound and techniques of the player piano’, which use and manipulate many actual pianola pieces by Stravinsky, Conlon Nancarrow, Ernst Toch, George Antheil, Percy Grainger, Rimsky- Korsakov, Arthur Honneger, Sergei Rachmaninov, and many others.  Im Fruhlung is a sometimes jaw-dropping collage of natural sounds and whole soundscapes collected from around the world, which gradually morph into, and wind in and out of, electronic and orchestral sounds. Disc 2 features Son of Metropolis San Francisco and the title work Loudspeakers. Son of Metropolis was composed using sounds collected over the space of a year, in and around San Francisco, with the addition of performed toy piano and organ parts and the superimposition of assorted melodic materials. Loudspeakers - in eight parts - is all constructed around the speaking and singing voice of Morton Feldman. A solid collection of substantial, immersive works for concentrated listening. XX

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