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RUINS: 1986-1992
See Vrresto for general coverage of the band. This follows drum demon Yoshida Tatsuya's extraordinary project from the first EP (1986) on through another 19 tracks selected from subsequent releases, passing through 3 bass-players on the way (all hi-power virtuosi) and from 4 track cassette recording (a sound Metallica would pay half a million bucks to get) to multi-track tape. While the essential hell-for-leather, impossible speed-and-complexity menu doesn't change, the sound and mood change interestingly with the bassists (the second, Kimoto Kasuyoshi also plays violin). And the style of the music also evolves interestingly over time from simple complexity to more complex complexity - one might say - and from punk-metallic power and distortion to a cleaner more precise music of parallel but interlocked parts. The tracks with bassist Masuda Ryuichi are especially impressive and substantial. To make no mistake, there's a lot of music here. If you like the other Ruins CDs, this is a gem. Japanese Import.

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Price: £15.00