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Home » Sound Art - Radio Art » MIGONE, CHRISTOPH: Crackers

He once of tiny motors, here invites through a newspaper advertisement people who crack their knuckles, knees, wrists, jaws, toes, ankles, backs, necks, elbows and hips to come into Gallery 101 in Ottawa to record themselves so that he can make this CD of quiet, dense popping, cracking and what sounds like extremely high frequency (but very quiet) microphone feedback and white noise for 14 and a half minutes. Track 2 starts with a record of the recording process, and gets pretty scary - this is people's bones sounding like a conflagration. Back to the performer for track 4 - and so on. Track 6 is a more or less continuous low whistling made of low cracks piled up on top of each other and the set rounds of with - bones cracking... sufficiently monomaniacal, obsessive and smart to be art.

Code: LocustNo.1
Price: £14.50