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BING SELFISH: Songs of inexperience
BING SELFISH: Songs of inexperience
Recorded before an invited audience at the Bogota Football Stadium in the 5th year of his voluntary exile, a tearful but defiant Bing mounts again the bucking bronco of his turbulent and lonely life. You can almost feel this tiny figure, pinned like an entomological specimen in the laser-like lance of a single 20,000 watt spotlight, howled on - drowned out almost - by an hysterical mass of blindly adoring acolytes - quel tragedie! quel poesie!! Just a man, after all, with all the frailties and arrogance - bordering on the insane - of you, or I. Except for the curse of his genius. Oblivious to it all, Bing relives in song the dreams and ambitions of youth. In tears after the show Lady Gaga turned to Bono and whispered ‘who could ever hope…’. Diehard Binglers (as I believe they are known) will welcome this unassuming return to loon pants and patchouli oil; less Bing with an audience; more an audience with Bing.

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