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Home » Art-Historic » BAILEY, DEREK, GAVIN BRYERS, TONY OXLEY: Joseph Holbrooke '98 + '65

BAILEY, DEREK, GAVIN BRYERS, TONY OXLEY: Joseph Holbrooke '98 + '65
Possibly the first of the British free improvisation ensembles, dating back to 1963 (evolving into free playing around 1966), here reformed for a single concert on the occasion of Tony Oxley's 60th birthday in Koln. It's nicely recorded (Geman Radio). A rare chance to hear a legendary group, which didn't make any released recordings in its own time and to contemplate a musical form that after 33 years is, in the hands of these performers, remarkably similar to the way it was in its youth. A useful mirror to an influential school of improvising. And sharp. You may think you're going to be bored, but you never are.PLUS the incus CD of a 10 minute rehearsal recording from 1965 (a very stretched version of Coltrane's Miles Mode). Fascinating comparison and about the only recording of the original group you can hear. First orders only, I'm afraid. Very limited supply.

Code: IncusCD39
Price: £17.75