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Home » Books » BLEGVAD, PETER: Imagine. Observe. Remember (252pp 234 x 142mm art paperback)

BLEGVAD, PETER: Imagine. Observe. Remember (252pp 234 x 142mm art paperback)

252pp  234 x 142mm art paperback. (Just buy it).
This is Peter Blegvad, so itís not going to be simple. He wants it to be simple, but so does a corkscrew - if youíre looking for skewer, try kitchenware. And, of course, a corkscrew is simple - it does a hard thing in hyper-efficient way and itís a passport to a lighter, headier world; and when slipped into a sleeve it becomes an Archimedean screw Ė both ancient transport system and - when reversed - power generator. I.O.R. is a lifeís, work Ė I remember Peter working on this back in the mid-1970ís - since when it has evolved, reoriented itself and folded itself over other worlds. But its fundamental lineaments remain the same: imagine a thing and draw it, observe an instance of that thing and draw what you see, then draw it again from memory. A simple practice that has generated, under Peterís hands, a ramifying skein - a cornucopia even - of useful (or entertaining) meditations on perception, mental process and the knottier implications of transcendental idealism. ONE HAT, MANY RABBITS. In a way - as one might observe of psychoanalytical practice - itís of little matter where the work starts since what comes out of it is a map of the way oneís mind is working - and every drawing, every conclusion, every association inevitably loops back to that. If your mind is a four-dimensional corkscrew (time being the 4th), the chances are that any point of concentration will give birth to things of great wonder and deep pleasure Ė as is the case here. Alongside over 250 drawings and paintings, beautifully laid out, Peter imagines, observes and remembers his own entanglements with the ontology of the project, does his damndest to explain its genesis and evolution, lays out a tendrils of his biography and interrogates himself - and the linguistic/cultural/neurological nexus - in an extremely useful, erudite and entertaining way. It's a manual and a meditation. A tactile (through judicious use of different paper stocks), rather beautiful and mentally engaging confluence of nimbleness and heft.

ReR signed and numbered Limited Edition of 75 copies, with additional artwork by Peter. £20, as long as we have them.

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Price: £18.00