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DUMITRESCU, IANCU : Acousmatic Provoker
DUMITRESCU, IANCU : Acousmatic Provoker
Interviews with Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana Maria Avram conducted by Gilles Peyret, Serge Leroy, Jerome Noetinger, Tim Hodgkinson and Costin Cazaban. Plus a catalogue of works and full discography. This is serious meditation on the nature of making and receiving music, on the state of music in itself and on procedures and essences. This represents an important crystallisation of the thoughts and practices of two of today's unsung but indubitably important composers (unsung because they tread an unfashionable and deeply radical path - in disregarded Romania - and are therefore deemed 'outsiders to the official Western self declared 'mainstream'. From Phenomenology to Sampling, with a perspective that links deeply to a thread of uniquely Romanian orientation going back 80 years and is yet unquestionably contemporary and directed toward the future. A valuable collection. 164pp

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Price: £11.50