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Home » Sound Art - Radio Art » BASCHET, BERNARAD AND FRANCOIS : Les Structures Sonores

Collated from many sources, including long deleted records (remember the Bam label?), this gives some idea of the extraordinary scope of the Baschet brothers’ instruments. In a long career, starting in 1954, they produced families of beautiful, exotic, futuristic sculptures made from metal, sheet aluminium, glass, wire and plastic - in all sizes, some small, some over 20 feet high – all designed to be played: stroked, beaten, bowed, blown (even worn) and composed for. Here are compositions from various hands that exlore the amazing array of sonorities these objects can produce Some unfortunate vocalising now and then does not really detract. This is history. I recommended that you get this CD free with the Book – see the book section for details.L

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Price: £13.50