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EVIL DICK: All that Glisters
EVIL DICK: All that Glisters
A self-produced collection of exemplary precision, intelligence and diversity, not quite owning up to itself, though it should. There’s no shame in being good, so the jokey name and deprecating sleeve-notes seem a little out of place; but perhaps that’s a sign of the times. Fact is this construction of tight, complex, high-level compositions – conventionally and electronically realised – with its interspersed improvisations - all the more impressive for being made by percussion and saxophone only, yet still being entirely convincing and musical – add up to a very convincing and repeatedly listenable record. The compositions are programmed – you have to accept and get used to that - but they keep it simple with ersatz bass, drums and top line, while the improvisations are real, and the electronic pieces are abstract and nicely judged. These are the three elements, but they elide and overlap and intertwine, so that the ear is always being relieved and entertained. There’s no fat here, no excess and no misjudgement. I think you should give it the time of day, there’s pitifully little of this calibre of boldness around now.

Price: £14.50