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Home » Good Collection » ROSE, JON: Fringe Benefits: an Australian archive 1977-1985 (Double CD)

ROSE, JON: Fringe Benefits: an Australian archive 1977-1985 (Double CD)
2 CDs that only Jon could have assembled, featuring as it does 70 tracks of average 2 minutes each, though many are shorter ("Fly trapped in violin" clocks in at 12 secs) and a few longer. As the title indicates this is a snapshot tour of 8 Australian years of chaos, mayhem and profound investigations (extraordinary what was going on down there while we were busy with punk and the new romantics). Featuring a lot of guests, a catalogue of invented instruments (10 string violin, 16 string long neck ditto, wheeling violin, triple neck double piston ditto, various installations, tromba mariner, very long strings, electronics, cheap crap, 10 string double violin, rational viola, ironing board and a number of others) recorded with cattle trains, rivers, rubberneckers, surf, amplified leg, traffic accidents, runway ambiance, parrots, over the telephone and in various clubs, galleries and conservatoria. 2 rare Doc Rosenberg sightings here too - one in church (at the organ) and a band appearance at the Blacktown workers club. Nicely edited together and with an informative book, in which for once you can believe everything that is written. An economical and welcome document.

Code: ESR006
Price: £21.50