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» OXLEY, TONY: February Papers

OXLEY, TONY: February Papers
OXLEY, TONY: February Papers

Originally released by Incus (a label Oxley co-founded) in 1977, this is a particularly successful, generically ambiguous and musically engaging, example of the British school of free improvisation, notable for its excellent recording of Oxley’s back-to-basics electronically enhanced percussion set-up. Three of the tracks here are drum - and amplified drum - solos (try to get the idea of a drum solo out of your mind; they’re not that). Track 6 shows particularly effectively what Oxley’s augmented kit could do.  Also appearing are Philipp Wachsmann (violin), David Bourne (violin) and Barry Guy (acoustic and electric basses).

Code: Discus 99CD
Price: £14.50