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» AKSAK MABOUL: Figures (dbl. CD)

AKSAK MABOUL: Figures (dbl. CD)
AKSAK MABOUL: Figures (dbl. CD)
Seductively constructed songs by the enigmatic and quietly challenging composer and instrumentalist Marc Hollander - with his long-time collaborator, ex Honeymoon Killer singer, lyricist and visual artist, Veronique Vincent.  These are layered constructions mixing virtual sound with Marc’s own multi-instrumentalism and the well-integrated contributions of numerous guests, including Fred Frith, Stephen Brown and Michel Berckmans. A lot of musical ground is covered here, drawing in jazz-ish, pop-ish, contemporary classical-ish and other referenced elements, with occasional shades of Uncle Meat era Zappa. Like all Aksak, there’s enigma, and it rewards repeated listening; more than appears on the surface here.  

We have 20 copies that have been signed by Marc and Veronique (exclusive to ReR; what are friends for?). They will be sent out as orders come in, until they run out. The early bird…

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