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- with Vin Diagram, the Wasp the Rabbit, the Rat, the Mole and absolutely nothing at all to do with Alan Jenkins or anyone like him.
Take 1: If guitar instrumentals had remained mainstream and then mutated, ramified and spread out into hypnotic experimentalism, this would be a classic of the genre in its seventieth year; a strange and intriguing gaulimaufry of laminated musical histories, invented debris and counterintuitive excursions.
Take 2: These two (appropriate adjective here) twenty minute suites pick up the radioactive baton of proper radical experiment, perform a few magic tricks with it, whack the heads off some few weeds and then feed it into the wood-chipper - whereon a gaggle of children’s literature animals and a mathematical spelling mistake pick up the shavings and fashion from them a menagerie of bowers, probability genres and otherworldly nests - some of which they eat, some of which they worship - and the rest they use as kindling for a bonfire of the banalities.
Take 3: To anyone with a yen for the music of Borges’ Forking Paths, this many worlds approach to musical history will be like a homecoming: familiar, retro, experimental, mundane and profoundly strange. With exquisite packaging and luminous sleeve-notes, this is probably, as we academics say, the dog’s bollocks.. Hats off, Alan.

Price: £14.50