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» SCOTT, RAYMOND: Suite for Violin and Piano

SCOTT, RAYMOND: Suite for Violin and Piano
SCOTT, RAYMOND: Suite for Violin and Piano
A curiosity and an important piece of research, this carefully crafted CD features two versions – the original and then a contemporary rendition of an unpublished and entirely untypical work by Scott, specifically written for Arnold Eidus - first violinist in Scott’s orchestra of the time (and a legendary, though seldom celebrated, performer who recorded classical repertoire at the same time as working regularly with Coleman Hawkins, Frank Sinatra, Perez Prado, Wes Montgomery, Edgar Winter – and so on. In proper Holywood fashion). In the classical style, this is a wholly straight suite for piano and violin in five short movements – about 13 minutes in all. The CD offers the original recording, made privately by Scott in 1950 and never released, with Eidus and Carlo Bussotti (piano), very professionally restored and transferred from the acetate; and a new version, made in 2004, cleaner but less atmospheric. Perfectly good, but somehow inferior – and figuring out why makes this CD useful: what changed between 1950 and 2004 - aesthetically and technically - and how is that reflected in the differences between the two versions? With an excellent accompanying booklet and notes, this will only, I suspect, be of interest to fans and students of Scott – or of the musical life of the period. Praiseworthily short.

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Price: £14.50