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BALLOON and NEEDLE Compilation.(dbl CD)
BALLOON and NEEDLE Compilation.(dbl CD)
A very limited number only, imported from Korea. This double CD set is, exactly as it says - a compilation of pieces made either with a balloon, or a needle, or both. Pieces by Judy Dunaway (the balloon queen), Davide Tidoni, Una Lee, EVOL, Attilla Faravelli and Enrico Malatesta (with environmental accompaniment), Matjaz Galicic, Choi Sehee, Benedict Drew (using also a cymbal), Eugene Chadbourne (the balloon king), Jin Sangtae, Ricardo Arias, Dave Phillips, Horio Kanta, Hong Chulki, Luciano Maggiore, Umeda Tetsuya, Franz de Waard and Lee Miyeon. An admirable collection. It comes in a nice minimal off-white card gatefold sleeve with geometrical cuts (curves and wedges) removed - and, of course – with a needle and a balloon. A great deal of variety and admirable ingenuity shown and aesthetically concrete (or acoustic) rather than electronic. Only a few skip-able tracks - to my taste. The collection is enigmatic as far as information on method is concerned, but that’s perhaps acceptable in this particular case. A serious, careful, thoughtful and smart release.

Price: £15.00