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BLEGVAD, PETER: Choices Under Pressure
A hard one. Peter calls this an acoustic retrospective - it was rushed through to coincide with the official release of his wonderful book. There are two new songs here, the rest are lite revisitations of old material, with John Greaves and Danny Thompson, variously, on basses and Jackko Jakszyk playing guitar, percussion, keyboards and some other things. So, an easy listening Blegvad, with the edge shaved off, though I'm sure a lot of people will like it. Reservations: because I consider Peter to be a great talent, my disappointment is based, I guess unfairly, firstly on comparisons with existing versions of these songs, some of which, like "King Strut", "That'll Be Him Now" and "Daughter", really lose out, and secondly on the general toothlessness of the whole enterprise. I have to ask why? These aren't radical revisions (such as Dylan is a master of) and they aren't solo singer-songwriter versions either. I'm afraid, as the title suggests but doesnŐt excuse, the why? answer seems to be- in order to have some product to market with the book. But thatŐs just me - and I'll bet mine is a minority view. It's just that from Peter I expect much, much more.

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