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CURRAN, ALVIN: Maritime Rites (Dbl CD)
* 10 environmental concerts for radio, each with a featured performer, not always terribly prominent, and the sounds of the US Eastern Seaboard (foghorns, bells, gongs, whistles, wildlife). The featured performers are Leo Smith (tpt), Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Steve Lacy (sax), Clark Coolidge (reading), Joseph Celli (reeds), Jon Gibson sax), Malcolm Goldstein (violin), George Lewis (trombone), John Cage (reading) and Curran himself (some voice). The booklet is excellent with extended and useful background on Curran, and good documentation of the pieces. For me Oliveros, Lewis and Cage make the most interesting listening, and Curran's own 24 minute piece (about double the length of the others) is the jewel in the crown. An epic, symphonic work with environmental sound. Not for everyone, but.....

Code: 80625-2
Price: £22.00