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ART ZOYD 3: Japanese facsimilie edition with 3 extra tracks
Art Zoyd was one of the 7 original RIO groups and this is the classic 1976 LP of the early quartet version: guitar, trumpet, viola, bass and percussion, and marks the first appearance of this remarkable group with its radically unfamiliar sound, and distinctive musical language. Intense and explosive, Art Zoyd could be terrifying, eerie, neurotic, dreamy, suspenseful, driving or rather academically musical - changing from one mood or idea to another from bar to bar. Their instrumentation (for the most part without drums) gave them immense flexibility, and no loss in power. This is the first reissue on CD of this early classic - re-mastered from vinyl (because the original masters were lost; it was re-recorded in 1980, with an expanded line-up - see 'Symponie below). There are 3 extra tracks of essentially historical interest on which a different line-up plays some fairly straightforward and highly uncharacteristic, rock songs. Sorry about the price but it's a Japanese limited art edition..
Last few copies..

Code: Belle081362
Price: £24.00