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SUN RA: Live in Rome  (double CD)
SUN RA: Live in Rome (double CD)
Great concert. Excellent fidelity, close to studio quality a lot of the time. Recorded in Rome in March 1980, it opens with Kora, then a nice piece for flutes, a double drum solo - add tenor, (excellent), trumpet solo , driving hand percussion; now 100 mile an hour double drums section followed by a screaming Marshall Allen; more drums; the whole band in free flight, leading after 20 minutes, to an almost acapella Tapestry from an Asteroid (June Tyson); then more free flight. I won't go on with the blow by blow account, but it continues to be constantly inventive. Emerging organically out of this fluid programme are great, sometimes surprising, arrangements of Astro Black, The World is Waiting for the Sunrise, Mr. Mystery, Discipline 27, Springtime Again, Limehouse Blues, Watusa, Lights on a Satellite, Enlightment, Space is the Place, We Travel the Spaceways, Nothing Is, Children of the Sun, Calling Planet Earth, On Jupiter, Hit that Jive Jack, King Porter Stomp and Sun Ra and his Band from Outer Space - all interspersed with great solos, drum interludes and swoony collective bridges. Ra himself is pretty much quiet until a long way in when he takes storming piano solo (on a classy grand) followed by a bit of barrelhouse and a medley of super up-tempo swing classics. Some modest electronics appear on CD2. There's not much fat anywhere, it just keeps driving forward.L

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