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Home » Pioneers » CURRAN, ALVIN: Animal Behaviour

CURRAN, ALVIN: Animal Behaviour
Two more pieces by one of the last mavericks (ex MEV alumni and author of the epic piano work inner cities) whose music can't be pinned down and may involve any kind of resource from traditional instruments to sampler and any mixture of same. He's worked with just about everyone across the musical divides. The chief work here is Why is this night different than all others? - a timeless, but gripping, amorphic environment of hanging chords harried by, and clustered with, flurries of all manner of tuned and untuned percussion (Willie Wynant), piano (Curran), flotsam and jetsam of recordings and, of course, a wolf. Like a secular and somewhat profane Coptic Light (and I do not mean this as a criticism). A very fine work indeed. With a nice sleeve-note by AC.

Code: TZ7001
Price: £14.50