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CMCD [REISSUE]: Six Classics
CMCD [REISSUE]: Six Classics
This essential piece of history at last reissued, redesigned and repackaged. Keystone works from the various streams of musique concrete, electronic music, soundscape, electroacoustics and plunderphonics - including two masterworks from Eastern Europe, a territory traditionally overlooked in collections of this medium. It comprises: John Oswald's 'Parade', a complex work drawn and extended from Satie's celebrated ballet composition of 1917; Georg Katzer's monumental 'Aide Memoire' ('7 nightmares from the 1000 year night'), a terrifying document of collage, electronic manipulation, original composition and sound documents from 1933-45; Lutz Glandien's exquisitely economical, sonically powerful and surprising 'Es Lebe' for Tape and Tuba; Steve Moore's groundbreaking 'A Quiet Gathering' (chamber music for environmental sounds) - a multi-layered 22 minute work made only from captured non-musical materials; Jaroslav Kr_ek's miniature electronic gem based on nightingale songs and the proto-plunder legend 'Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis' by Richard Trythall. An indispensable collection in my view. L.

Only available at this price as part of the ReR Sale Offer (minimum) 4 titles)

Price: £5.00