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SOFT MACHINE: BBC Sessions (dbl CD)
Great double CD including all classic sessions (including the earliest, not previously released) Covers the Ayers band, the classic trio and subsequent quartet with Elton Dean. Includes the legendary Moon in June, with entirely new lyrics written by Robert for and about Top Gear. Fascinating to hear how not only the band's aesthetic changed, but also the mixing aesthetic of the BBC. An unmissable document. Finally, there is some stunning playing here. Robert is particularly well recorded on the material so blurry on the 2nd and 3rd LP's. And you can see why Mike Rattledge was regarded with awe, and what a massive influence Hugh had on the musical direction taken after he joinedc. Contents in full:1. Clarence in Wonderland2. We Know What You Mean3. Certain Kind4. Hope For Happiness5. Strangest Scene (aka Lullaby Letter)6. Facelift/Mousetrap/ Noisette/ Backwards/ Mousetrap Reprise7. The Moon In June8. Instant Pussy9. Slightly All The Time/ Out Bloody Rageous/ Eamonn Andrews1. Virtually2. Fletcher's Blemish3. Neo- Caliban Grides4. Dedicated to you but you weren't listening5. Eamonn Andrews/All White6. Mousetrap/Noisette/Backwards/Mousetrap Reprise/Esther's Nosejob

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