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THE RECEDENTS; Wishing you were here (5 CD BOX and book)
THE RECEDENTS; Wishing you were here (5 CD BOX and book)
This legendary trio - Mike Cooper, Lol Coxhill and Roger Turner - played its way through 28 years of concerts, just a few in most years, but a presence not forgotten - in part because of its willingness to tread paths uncongenial to many improvisers, in particular those theatrical, referential and genre-inflected. Lol, a colossus and a man who heeded no convention, augments his soprano with acting, mumbling and singing, as well as on occasion pre-recorded tapes and a crackle-box, Mike Cooper, a man of many and varied parts, adds radios, cassettes and electronic processing to his electric lap steel and acoustic national guitars and the always pertinent Roger Turner hits a wide variety of things, occasionally adding electronics. The music is all taken from live performances in 1985, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2008 (four whole concerts and two halves) and is enigmatic, exploratory, extremely varied and mixes quotes musical and quotes unmusical materials in quietly insouciant way. And a lot of it is quite quiet and there rather than driven, giving it a unique non-generic character. Its interesting too to hear the changes over time; and the recording quality is always good. CD 5 is a real gem. Nicely designed booklet with documents, posters, photographs, technical riders and notes from the two surviving members, and others. In the current climate releasing such a document is brave and principled, so if you can afford it, add it to your library; its a precious document of a unique sensibility that says much about its time and ours. And it memorialises real musicians at work. 5CDs in a box.

Price: £43.00