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Home » Electroacoustic/Contemporary » MORPHOGENESIS: In Streams Vol 2 1997 - 2000

MORPHOGENESIS: In Streams Vol 2 1997 - 2000
MORPHOGENESIS: In Streams Vol 2 1997 - 2000
Following in the footsteps of the Stockhausen ensembles of the '60s, AMM, MEV, Cage and Tudor Morphogenesis should be far better known than they are both for the elevated level of their aesthetic and their highly evolved and imaginative instrument construction. This is as far from laptop music as it's possible to get. The quality, complexity and strangeness of these, sounds coaxed from the combination of amplification and a gallimaufry of materials (inc. plants, glass, water, strings, springs, pure electronics, gongs, modified string instruments, piano, radio, flotsam & jetsam) have an organic, articulated quality that samples and processing routines signally lack. These are rainforests and colonies of sound; they live and heave and skitter and converse. Founded in 1985, the list of participants in itself constitutes a roll call of electro-acoustic honours: Adam Bohman, Ron Briefel, Clive Graham, Clive Hall, Michael Prime and Roger Sutherland. Substantial and increasingly important work. L

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