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Home » Eccentric » ASHLEY, ROBERT: Celestial Excursions (dbl CD)

ASHLEY, ROBERT: Celestial Excursions (dbl CD)
Written for theatre in 2003, this is another of Ashley's voice dramas with 'electronic orchestra' accompaniment. He, Joan La Barbara and 'Blue' Gene Tyranny feature, with three other singers. Minimal open and riff-based musical structures ground layers of speech, quasi singing and choral interventions. There are some extraordinary moments as Ashley abandons all musical distinctions and glosses pop, minimalism and quasi lounge in a dreamy suspension clouded around his eccentric, conversational, texts. Maybe not something you'd listen to all the way through more than once, but unique; odd and fascinating. Comes with a 108 pp book with full texts.

Code: LCD1007
Price: £21.15