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Home » New Distribution » MUSICA LAIETANA ZELESTE: Compilation (dbl CD)

 While weíre at it, this compilation of the Barcelona music scene in the mid 1970s, initiated and supported by the legendary Zeleste club (and label), is an invaluable document of a short-lived but completely unique Spanish take on the manner in which rock and jazz swap genes - with a lot of phenomenal playing from a bunch of kids just released from 40 years of fascism; and you can hear that; thereís a release here, and I donít think thatís just projection.  You can hear a distinctive style coalescing them as they organically develop their own language - not really copying American and British models but inspiring each other. This is an historic document and important for that, but also quite a lot of it - especially on the first CD (Iceberg, why are they not a household name?) - is just impressive and reminds you that there was joy in music once.

Code: 910873-03
Price: £20.00