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CASSIBER - The Way it Was
CASSIBER - The Way it Was
[or order the full BOX still at £65 and get this now] These are great recordings that paint the best Ė and most devil-take-the-hindmost Ė picture of this extraordinary, groundbreaking band. The sound is exemplary and the music constantly thinks around corners. Plus you have all the complexity and serendipity of live interaction and spontaneous rearrangement; you can hear the band is having a good time, even when some of the sounds seem to come out of nowhere. Itís a radical programme, all the more so for its shifts between organised noise, rhythmical intensity, lyricism, cultural debris and semantic complexity. OK Iím biased, but when I finished putting this together it was like finishing a new Cassiber CD and, arguably, the best of them. You really get a picture of what the group was made of. Thereís also the pleasure of guests Dietmar Diesner and Rene Lussier on two tracks. This release will be included in the Cassiber Box, which is almost there but probably wonít be ready before the end of the year. All new and current subscribers to the box will get this CD now. But if you buy the CD alone, youíll still be able to get the box without it, a little cheaper, later.

Code: ReRCCD5
Price: £12.50

Code: cassiberBox
Price: £65