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Home » Electronic, Contemporary » BLEGVAD, PETER: Go Figure

After 19 years, the return of the Peter Blegvad Trio, in supernal form and now a quintet with Karen Mantler and Bob Drake. Recorded over 10 days at studio Midi-Pyrenees the old way: sitting in a room, working on arrangements, rehearsing a bit and then quickly recording to capture every nuance and interaction: your front seat in our hi-tech sitting room. The sound is the best so far, according to our friends - and the playing is organically elastic, giving form to a glittering chain of lapidary songs crafted by a master of the form. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll change your life and join the circus. It’s never too late.<p>

Note: This CD will be part of the 6-CD BLEGVAD BANDBOX, containing all the Blegvad Trio and Quintet studio releases: Downtime, Just Woke Up, Hangman’s Hill and Go Figure, re-mastered and repackaged, plus two additional CDs of rarities, unreleased studio recordings and live performances, mostly featuring songs not available on any of the studio CDs and a handful of other obscure related items - as well, of course, as a fat, definitive, book of photographs, memorabilia, drawings, documents and recollections by the main actors, other witnesses and friends. All in a sturdy box. <p>

In order not to trick you into buying Go Figure twice, the box will be available minus Go Figure cheaper, but otherwise complete, for 40.  Or for <p>

45 you can still get the box (minus GF) in it’s limited, numbered edition, signed by Peter with an extra subscription-only item. Or for<p>

50 get this CD now and the rest of the box, in its signed edition, when it’s ready in the New Year (for this option see below)<p>


Code: ReRPB4
Price: £12.50