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AFTER DINNER: Souvenir Cassette and other live Adventures
A Limited Edition reissue of the original commemorative cassette released only to subscribers of the first Recommended After Dinner LP – a collection of exquisite live interpretations of the songs, recorded on the band’s first European tour (itself a technically innovative event in which they essentially set up a 5’1 system at every concert. Great songs and great performances, full LP length. This  CD edition, also includes all the Tokyo recordings released on the ReR Quartlery, 0104 in 1986 and a previously unreleased song, from the 1989 European tour. With full documentation, many new photographs, technical diagrams and an introduction by Haco, who oversaw the whole project. All re-mastered by Bob Drake.  Limited signed and numbered subscription Edition. Due early November.

Code: ReRADR1
Price: £12.50

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