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SUN RA: Night of the Purple Moon
A 1970 New York studio recording, released on the Saturn label in 1972 and unavailable since, this was a small ensemble record featuring Ra, Gilmore, Danny Davis and Stafford James (with Gilmore playing drums most of the time). Ra has two Moog synthesisers with him, and the elusive electric Rocksichord. The pieces are simple and essential, with the electric sonorities of the keyboards given pride of place. This, like Media Dream, is more with less and, presciently, sharply oriented toward the specifics of sound. A lot of the time it swings, and some of the time it's like pop music. It's good to hear this musical intelligence in a stripped down form; if the big band stings like a bee this small ensemble floats like a butterfly. These are all pieces not featured in the usual Ra repertoire (except for a great version of 'Love in Outer Space'). With four extra tracks, one an alternative take of' 'Love in Outer Space', & the rest home recordings of Ra with a Wurlitzer electric piano and a celeste - the last of which is especially interesting.

Code: ALP264CD
Price: £14.50