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NEGATIVLAND: Fair Use (book)
A thick 270 pp A4 book containing fully comprehensive materials surrounding the release, withdrawal and subsequent legal cases surrounding Negativland's 'U2' release. The documents you'd never normally see, memos, legal letters, faxes as well as a wealth of press material, commentary, interesting insights into Island records, U2, American radio, the current chaos and inequity of copyright law, 'alternative' record labels and more. Actually, as well as being a sustained argument about copyright, and a sustained advertisement for Negativland, it is also an extremely well made, readable and excellent insight into one of the more critical art questions of our time. Any serious student of contemporary culture should have it. Plus you get a classy Negativland CD which deals with the same issues as art; funny, sharp, technically accomplished and good to listen to. A media montage, cunningly orchestrated and mostly plundered. And you get an introduction by Gary Powers Jnr. The cherry on the top! L

Weight means we have to add postage to this - sorry £3.00 UK, £4.00 Europe, £6.00 World.

Price: £22.00