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Home » Full Catalogue » UNIVERS ZERO: Implosion

An expanded line-up with, on some tracks, trumpet, marimba, cello and acoustic guitar. A very clean recording with close attention to sound and atmosphere -with the effect, curiously, of making the whole band sound rather anodyne and surgical. Sampled sounds add to this general lifelessness. I hate to say it, but even where the writing is lively, the rendition is mechanical and the rhythms more numerical than felt. It has its moments, of course, and glimpses of a future clearing (the track Mellotronic, for example) but I miss the playing, the feeling, the power, the intensity of the music of the earlier records. Especially of Daniel himself, one of the most original drummers the last 40 years has produced and who is here very reduced - as are all the players, a result , I suspect, of the recording method and lack of ensemble paying. That's my dissident view. Fans I am sure will beg to differ.

Code: Rune190
Price: £14.50