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Home » Full Catalogue » PERSIAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1966-2006: Alreiza Mashayekhi & Ata Ebtekar/Sote (double)

PERSIAN ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1966-2006: Alreiza Mashayekhi & Ata Ebtekar/Sote (double)
An unusual and informative collection featuring two Iranian composers (I think Persian in the title is meant to refer to the deep relationship both have to the traditional music of their country), one (Mashayekhi), born in 1940, studied with Koenig and is now regarded as one of the pioneers of modern music in Iran, the other (Ebtekar/Sote), was born in 1972, and is less allied to the institutions. He is currently working in Tehran to unite traditional music with electronics. Both are deeply rooted in the forms and aesthetics of Iranian music, the older more abstractly (and backed with complex theorising - there is a dense article on 'The Philosophy of Music' by him in the booklet), and the younger through retellings of old melodies and variations on ancient themes (but employing very contemporary means and a great deal of processing). Personally I find Ebtekar more enjoyable and interesting; he fits nowhere in the musical world I know and has an unusual take on the use of electronic sounds. This is for those of a research, bent, I suspect, not for every listener. Mashayekhi is hard going, Ebtekar though is very interesting.

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Price: £22.00