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Home » Full Catalogue » PALE ORCHESTRA, THE: Mirror Man Act 1

The Orchestra- Andy Diagram, Keith Moline, Peter Hammil, Chris Cutler, Jack Kidney, David Thomas. Singers and speakers- Robert Kidney, Linda Thompson, David Hild Jackie Leven, Jane Bom-bane, David Thomas. Commentary and voiceover- Bob Holman. In July 1998 David Thomas programmed three days of Disastodrome at London's Southbank. The centrepiece was David's epic journey into the heartland where it's all road and sky and one-horse towns on the outside and failure, deserts and tumbleweed on the inside. There are great stories and texts here, daring to be openly poetic. And songs winding in and out of them. On their way to somewhere and an unusual and courageous experiment with form. Bob's Kidney and Holman are a revelation and it is wonderful to hear Linda Thompson back on the boards. This is more than a record.

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Price: £14.50