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Volume 2 will wrap up with the next batch of releases in October [Impur, Technology of Tears, The Happy End Problem]. The signed free book that accompanies it is in preparation. You can still sign up for it, and for Volume 3 (the next 8 releases).

What it means. To become a friend of fred costs 95 pounds (45 now and 50 when we send CD No.5, You get the ARTIST SIGNED LIMITED EDITION of Vol 3: That's 8 CDs with a special signed book full of Fred's notes on the works, the process of their composition and recording, related photographs and other documentary materials. You get the CDs as soon as they come out, the signed book, occasional other additional materials and 1.50 pounds off any other Fred CD you buy from us during the subscription period - whatever label it's on.

Volumes 1 and 2 can still be purchased separately.

NOTE. Members of the ReR record club will get the book free as part of their membership.

Code: FredVol3
Price: £95.50