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ASTRAKAN: Astrakan
If you gravitate, musically, to the more interesting end of the '60s and '70s, here is a five-piece group that might have been doing just what they are doing now then. As far from revivals, copies and prog horrors as you can imagine, Astrakan conjures the experimental end of Miller, Coxhill, Henry Cow, Hatfield et al, without pressure or imitation (they just think in a similar way) lightly drifting between careful close composition and loose extrapolation with rhythmic, harmonic and melodic ideas always to the fore. This is for the most part thoughtful music, not short on ideas, that nudges at the jazz end of the spectrum. Plenty of dynamics and a programme of honest pleasure without pretension. A small edition release by the band.

Code: Astrakan
Price: £12.00