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CAMPBELL, DIRK: Music from a Walled Garden
A second solo CD from Dirk/Mont Campbell of wide-ranging, mostly quietish pieces performed on a vast array of (mostly exotic) instruments [inc. bansuri, kora, cello, clarinet, ukulele, fujara, filimbi, zampogna, recorders, violin, oud, irish flute, viola, ney, shenai, rabab, uileann pipes, mezoued, zither, coach horns, and a lot of percussion]. Hard to describe, since it has an atmosphere and wholeness that conceals the conditions of its making, origins and musical-linguistic vocabulary, leaving just what you hear. It's more like an hour with a good - and smart - companion than anything else. Intelligence + modesty = pleasure. There are world music echoes (inevitably given the instrumentation) and dance elements and more abstract stretches, but mostly this is generically non-aligned music, not out to shock, and not wasting its or your time.L

Code: MFA002
Price: £14.50