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Double LP. Tellus was the legendary sound art cassette magazine founded in 1983. It later moved to CD. This LP compilation in a gatefold cover - designed by Christian Marclay - features excellent and historic works culled from performances, installations and radio broadcasts as well as dedicated studio recordings by Nicolas Collins (his now famous 'Devil's Music'), Kiki Smith , Christian Marclay, , Fluxus alumni Joe Jones and Alison Knowles, Gregory Whitehead, Louise Lawler, Kohondo Style, Ken Montgomery, Isaac Jackson, Catherine Jauniaux with Ikue Mori and others. It's a good compilation. Twice. The second LP is the same as the first - well, it's a concept, and an art opportunity - they say: the concept is that you, dear listener, working with two turntables,a mixer and some recording device (what modern living room is without them?) make a turntable piece from these pieces and mail them in to Tellus... On the other hand, a concept even - especially - if useless (pay double for a semi obsolete listening medium in order to be like every third teenager today manipulating the decks) makes redundancy art, so at least collectible. Think of it as an expensive LP (though a good one) that claims it's extra value in art status.

Code: VariousTELLUSTools
Price: £25.85