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Home » Full Catalogue » ALESSANDRO BOSETTI: Royals

Sound artist and film-maker Bosetti offers three interesting pieces - two commissioned for radio - built on the same premise as Rene Lussier’s Tresor de la Langue, or Reich’s Cave; that is, the musical materials are tightly constructed around the pitches and rhythms of everyday speech – with calculated variations departures and counterpoints. So not obviously ‘musical’; it’s rather that blocks interact or collapse into arrhythmic lines; or that repetitions are set against irregularities. Each piece is built up using conversations, readings, observations, acoustic and electric pianos, harpsichord, guitars, soprano saxophone, bass and field-recordings. The first composition Gloriously Repeating is particularly successful, but Bosetti has enough imagination to ring constant changes as the CD goes on. These are art pieces rather than any kind of music, I would say, but still are made, intriguingly, out of musical materials.

Code: Bosetti
Price: £14.50