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PARTCH, HARRY: The Bewitched
Last copies of old version. Was formerly a double LP, played by the original GATE V ensemble. One of the few Partch pieces currently in print. Partch was a great American maverick composer who designed and built his own instruments (tuned to an octave divided into 43 parts) out of wood, glass (light- bulbs / Mazdaphone, Cloud Chamber Bowls) and extended existing instruments (Koto, Harmonium/ Chromelodion, Viola, Zither, Balophone &c). Apart from the unusual harmonic content, Partch's music is profoundly rythmical, otherworldly, direct and often edifyingly humorous. Comes with an excellent and very informative 16pp booklet.

Note: CRI no longer exists and remaining stock is low. Items will be removed from the website when they're no longer available, but you may wish to inquire via email before ordering.

Code: CRICD7001
Price: £12.50