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RESONANCE 7/2: (magazine)
Taking the pulse of the world's music... CD: Marta Sebestyen, Margaret barry, Phil Tanner, Robin Williamson, Reite PNG Villagers, Willian Ingosi Mwoshi, John Wynne, George Hunt, Hal Rammel, Surrealestate, Marfa & Sergei Rastarguev, Tim Hodgkinson, Ken Hyder and Sasha Berioskin. Magazine: Interviews with - Steven Feld (EthMUSICWORKS: Nomusicologist), Reg Hall (editor), Robin Williamson, Marta Sebestyen and Articles by - Robert reigle (ethMUSICWORKS: Nomusicology updated), James Leach (Papua New Gunea), Florian Messner (same sex rituals and music), Tara Browner (Simulations of native American Music), Jason Stanyek (on Evan Parker's "Synergetics") amongst others. Plus the usual pages of reviews of musics of all sorts.

Code: RES0702
Price: £12.00