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RESONANCE Vol 8 No.1: Mag+CD
Articles by Charles Hayward (on working with mixed ability groups), Eddie Prevost on the idea of cultural roots, Phil England on juvenile, undocumented experimenting bands (several are on the CD). CD: Bark! Paul Hood, Eddie Prevost, Hugh Metcalfe, The Severn Bores,Ambitious Merchants. Loc Coxhill and Mike Walter, Food and Sport, Cranium Bunch, Bert Shaft Orchestra, Alan Tomlinson, Dave Tucker, John Edwards,∓ Geoffrey Alfreso, Richard Sanderson & Mark Saunders, Bragham Halliwell ∓ Tom Wallace, Steve Holmes ∓ Juliet Aster, Chris Burn & Jim Denley.

Code: RES8.1
Price: £12.00